mastercab, the Brussels/Antwerp-based band with Elke Jacobs and Stan Nieuwenhuis, have been around for a while. In 2008, their debut EP We Were Fish Long Ago came out, followed by the singles Pocket Saint and Desire. Their music is a cross-fertilisation of their two diffenrent personalities and backgrounds, and their shared love of synths, dr Oetker pizzas and each other.

In 2010 they signed a contract with SonicAngel, and released the single Strange produced by Alex Callier (Hooverphonic). The debut album Waterproof was released in November 2011 and was produced by Jeroen Swinnen (Daan, Novastar, Vive La Fête). The album was critically acclaimed.

In 2014 mastercab was invited to work on a project with poet Peter Theunynck. They translated five dutch poems of him into music and released the recordings in January 2015. Currently mastercab is working on new music.